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Resin Resin 6.5 / Turquoise Ladies Resin Ink Resin Resin 6.5 / Green Ladies Resin Ink
Resin Ladies Resin Ink
$49.00 $100.00
The new design lightweight resin ring for comfort. Transparent resin filled with gold foil and floating rivers of inky colour. A classy splash of colour, the perfect pairing for any outfit.  Dimensions: 3-5 mm (width) & 2,5mm (thickness)    
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Resin Resin Wood 6.5 / Turquoise Pebble Ladies Resin Wood Resin Resin Wood 6.5 / Purple Flower Ladies Resin Wood
Resin Ladies Resin Wood
$49.00 $100.00
The new resin wood ring is our latest colourful novelty creation.  The ideal combination between wood and natural florals, protected by a layer of resin.  Designed to complement your style !   Colours might vary slightly due to natural materials used. Dimensions: 3-5mm (width) & 2,5mm (thickness)
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Resin Resin 6.5 / Black Ladies Resin Geo Resin Resin Ladies Resin Geo
Resin Ladies Resin Geo
$49.00 $100.00
Cute and Romantic. A lightweight resin design with geometric pattern. Colourful creations filled with gold or silver foil.  Add these to your accessories as a fun and funky piece of costume jewelry.  Width: 6mm Thickness: 2.3mm    
-51% sale
Resin Resin 6.5 / Green Ladies Resin Flowers Resin Resin Ladies Resin Flowers
Resin Ladies Resin Flowers
$49.00 $100.00
Handmade Resin Ring, lightweight for comfort. Transparent Resin enhanced with forest dried flowers and filled with gold or silver foil. Fun and Funky pieces to brighten your day.   Width: 6mm   Thickness: 2,5mm  


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