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Bennu Red Ceramic Ring
Bennu Red from $107.00 $230.00
This gorgeous black Ceramic ring with red Carbon Fibre inlay is the only jewellery you’ll ever need.  Width: 8mm
-49% sale
Azure Red, Black  Tungsten Ring Azure Red, Black  Tungsten Ring
Tungsten Carbide
Celtic Azure Red $104.00 $203.00
  A romantic red ring, with a modern twist. This Tungsten Carbide polished black ring with beveled edges and a silver pattern on a red inlay, topped off with a polished red inner, emphasises romance with a red Cubic Zirconia to top it all off.  Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm  
-58% sale
Blue and Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Blue Tungsten Wedding Ring
Tungsten Carbide
Cosmic Blue $105.00 $250.00
Taking a bold step forward with this Tungsten Carbide polished blue ring with stepped edges and a red and black Carbon Fibre inlay between silver grooves, topped off with a polished blue inner. Width: 8mm
-56% sale
Tungsten Carbide ring with creative art 8mm Black Tungsten Wedding Ring with Spiral Pattern and Red Guitar String Inlay
Tungsten Carbide
Eclipse Red $102.00 $230.00
Something for the music lover. A red guitar string inlay, perfectly in tune with a triple spiral inlay, in a Tungsten Carbide polished black ring with a polished black inner.  Size : 7 - 12 Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm   
-52% sale
White Ceramic Ring with Red Aluminium Inner
Orbit Rings
Eos Red $145.00 $299.00
Ravishing red. Make a statement with this high polished white Ceramic ring with anodized light red Aluminum sleeve inlay.  Width: 8mm
-63% sale
Navy Blue and Red Tungsten Carbide Ring Superman Tungsten Carbide Ring
Orbit Rings
Stream Superman $109.00 $290.00
It takes a lot more than just having superpowers to be the Man of Steel. Meet the world's strongest ring, Stream Superman! This 8mm wide Tungsten Carbide Ring in Blue and Red is designed not just for being tough, but also super stylish. The Stream Superman Ring will have you feeling as invincible as Clark Kent himself! Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm


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