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-65% sale
Apollo Black Tungsten Carbide Ring Apollo Black Tungsten Carbide Ring
Tungsten Carbide
Apollo Silver $104.00 $295.00
  Every cloud has a silver lining - in this case a dark brushed black  Tungsten Carbide Ring with Silver edges in orbit around the black, topped off with a polished black inner.  Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm  
-17% sale
Black Tungsten Carbide Ring, Rose Gold Strip, Brushed Rose Gold, Black and Wooden Tungsten Carbide Ring
Orbit Rings
Artemis $150.00 $180.00
A stunning blend of nature with a modern twist, in this dome black Tungsten Carbide ring, with a rose gold strip and a brushed wooden inlay. Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-20% sale
Damascas Ring with colourful wood inner Damascas Steel Ring with colourful wood inner
Orbit Rings
Astral $152.00 $190.00
If you are looking for your own personal style, and want to be seen, then the Astral ring is a great addition. Our Astral Damascus steel ring with colourful wood inner and side band is handmade and specially crafted to make a statement.  Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-49% sale
Square Damascus Steel Ring with Bronze Inlays Square Damascus Steel Ring with Bronze Inlays
Orbit Rings
Atono $170.00 $330.00
This square designed Damascus Steel Ring is so unique, giving the Atono Ring its own personality. The bronze inlays contributes a rich color and the cleanness of the Damascus Steel contrasts beautifully with that. Width: 8mm Thickness: 2.3mm
-54% sale
Bennu Black Ceramic Ring
Bennu Black $107.00 $230.00
A classic and stylish addition to your jewellery cupboard. This black Ceramic ring with black Carbon Fibre inlay is simply the best.  Width: 8mm  
-48% sale
Bennu Blue Ceramic Ring
Bennu Blue $107.00 $203.00
Trying something different? This black Ceramic ring does the trick. It’s decorated with blue Carbon Fibre inlay to add a splash of colour.  Width: 8mm
Bennu Red Ceramic Ring
Bennu Red from $107.00 $230.00
This gorgeous black Ceramic ring with red Carbon Fibre inlay is the only jewellery you’ll ever need.  Width: 8mm